• Castle Crashers box

    Castle Crashers

    Platforms: PC, PS 3, Xbox 360
    Castle Crashers is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that incorporates a small number of role...
    Release Date: 27 Aug 2008
    Out Now!
  • Shank 2 cover

    Shank 2

    Platforms: PC, PS 3, Xbox 360
    Shank was a good game, a classic side scroller with tons of action, big loud guns, knives...
    Release Date: 7 Feb 2012
    Out Now!
  • asuras_cover

    Asura’s Wrath

    Platforms: PS 3, Xbox 360
    Fusing Asian mythology with sci-fi, Asura’s Wrath’s universe is truly unique. It...
    Release Date: 21 Feb 2012
    Out Now!
  • anarchy-reigns cover

    Anarchy Reigns

    Platforms: PS 3, Xbox 360
    ANARCHY REIGNS™ is an online multiplayer brawler, from the makers of BAYONETTA™ and...
    Release Date: 5 Jul 2012
    Out Now!
  • fist_of_the_north_star_kens_rage box

    Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2

    Platforms: PS 3, Wii U, Xbox 360
    The game's Legend Mode is made up of a single, streamlined campaign with multiple playable...
    Release Date: 20 Dec 2012
    Out Now!
  • sacredcitadel_icon

    Sacred Citadel

    Platforms: PC, PS 3, Xbox 360
    Sacred Citadel is an intense side scrolling arcade brawler for up to 3 players. The game...
    Release Date: 20 Feb 2013
    Out Now!
  • Spartacus-Legends_cover

    Spartacus Legends

    Platforms: PS 3, Xbox 360
    Spartacus Legends invites you to take the role of the Lanista and own your very own stable...
    Release Date: 25 Jun 2013
    Out Now!
  • dragons-crown-box

    Dragon’s Crown

    Platforms: PS 3
    Dragon's Crown is an action role-playing game structured like a traditional side-scrolling...
    Release Date: 25 Jul 2013
    Out Now!