The Order 1886


The Order 1886 is an upcoming action game released exclusively for Play Station 4.

The Order is set in alternative universe where the industrial revolution came about as an effort to win a centuries-old war against inhuman enemies. It is believed that the point of view will be on a third person perspective because of the developer’s initiative in early 2012 to hire people to work on a “third-person action-adventure game” “dedicated for next gen home consoles”, although no official confirmation has been released.

At the Sony Conference this year, creative director Ru Weerasuriya revealed that The Order 1886 will be similar to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
The Action of the game will take place in a Victorian era, in London, and the main character will have the chance to interact with various historical figures throughout his adventures. Sony promises a real voyage through the industrial period, that is more lively then in any other games before. The locations will be real and you can actually influence the turnout of events.
The game of detail presented will be huge, developers said also that apparently they used even for the short movies throughout the story different filters and lenses to recreate the cameras used in that period. Sony promises an authentic voyage through Victorian London with an interesting set and an amazing outcome hopefully.

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Game Details

Official Game Site: The Order 1886
Platforms: PS 4

The Order 1886 Release Date

PS4 Release Dates

  • February 2015Out Now!
  • February 2015Out Now!

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