Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard stayed for too long outside the MOBA genre. If you ask me DOTA 2 should have been made by Blizzard but what can you do now… In typical Blizzard style they will not just create a clone of DOTA or League of Legends, they will take the genre to the next step. The games will be shorter which is great, cause I really don’t have time for 40-60 minute LoL games, and the maps will be objective driven not the old overplayed 3 lane classic map that I’m so bored of.

They promise that the game will be appealing for new players and also to the MOBA veterans, and everything in between :) . I can’t wait for a Raynor versus Diablo showdown or Kerigan vs …I don’t know the Barbarian or Lych King… and to think that originally it was suppose to be only a Starcraft 2 map.

The beta should begin this year, maybe I will receive a key , wink wink Blizzard :)

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Official Game Site: Heroes of the Storm
Platforms: PC

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  • TBAOut Now!

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