A RPG based on exploration, now I didn’t see this in a long time. Probably most publishers would run from such a game cause it seems boring and no one will want it. But if you do things right, and I think the developers will do it right an exploration RPG would be just the first game in a long series of exploration RPGs, like it happened with the zombie apocalypse surviving games. They just have to capture that explorer feeling, and every chest of treasure that you open should feel different, not like a classic action RPG where you open hundreds of chests and all of then feel the same.

Bellow you can see the release date:


Game Details

Official Game Site: Frontiers
Platforms: PC

Frontiers Release Date

PC Release Dates

  • TBA 2014Out Now!
  • TBA 2014Out Now!

System Requirements

System requirements coming soon!

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