Dungeonbowl is the next exciting Blood Bowl experience, set in the fantasy American Football inspired game world already adapted as a video game by Cyanide. The key difference between Dungeonbowl and Blood Bowl as is rather obvious from the name, is that Dungeonbowl is played in a dangerous dungeon! source

Bellow you can see the release date and system requirements:


Game Details

Genre: ,
Official Game Site: Dungeonbowl
Platforms: PC

Dungeonbowl Release Date

PC Release Dates

  • 2012-06-08Out Now!
  • 2012-06-08Out Now!

Dungeonbowl Minimum System Requirements

ProcessorPentium 4 2.4Ghz / Athlon 2400+
Video Card256 MB, DirectX 9 and Shaders Models 2 compatible
Memory2 Gb
OSWindows XP / Vista / 7

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