Darkstalkers Resurrection


Darkstalkers Resurrection, known as Vampire Resurrection in Japan, is an upcoming fighting game in the Darkstalkers series by Capcom. It is a compilation of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 and is currently under development by Iron Galaxy Studios. The update features HD visuals, online multiplayer, replay sharing, spectator mode, and in-game unlockables.
Darkstalkers Resurrection features online play and other new enhancements in the same respect to Iron Galaxy Studios’ previous Capcom arcade re-releases Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. The game utilizes the GGPO netcode to provide smooth online gameplay. Matchmaking follows in the footsteps of Iron Galaxy Studios’ earlier products and introduces additional options such as region matching and ping display. Aside from the standard ranked and player matches, Resurrection also includes an online tournament mode. The game adds HD filtering with multiple viewing options, YouTube replay uploads, eight-player lobbies and a tutorial mode which provides in-depth tips to the mechanics of the game. Players who complete in-game challenges receive points which can be redeemed to unlock bonus content via the “Vault” system, including custom artwork by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, concept art, videos, and other rewards.

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Game Details

Official Game Site: Darkstalkers Resurrection
Platforms: PS 3, Xbox 360

Darkstalkers Resurrection Release Date

PS3 Release Dates

  • 2013-03-12Out Now!
  • 2013-03-13Out Now!
  • 2013-03-14Out Now!

XBox 360 Release Dates

  • 2013-03-13Out Now!
  • 2013-03-13Out Now!
  • 2013-03-14Out Now!

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