• Alan-Wakes-American-Nightmare-Cover

    Alan Wake: American Nightmare

    Platforms: PC, Xbox 360
    After the events of Alan Wake, our eponymous hero finds himself in the middle of a new...
    Release Date: 15 Feb 2012
    Out Now!
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    Alan Wake (PC)

    Platforms: PC
    Alan Wake is a story-driven action game in the psychological thriller genre, developed by...
    Release Date: 16 Feb 2012
    Out Now!
  • Death-Rally-cover_art

    Death Rally

    Platforms: PC
    Gun the engine and load your guns – the classic is back! Remedy’’s very first game is...
    Release Date: 3 Aug 2012
    Out Now!
  • Quantum Break Cover

    Quantum Break

    Platforms: Xbox One
    Another Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break is developed by the team who did Alan Wake. I...
    Release Date: 2015
    Out Now!