Dragon Age: Origins

After last year hit, Mass Effect, Bioware it’s returning to their origins, the days when they were making more traditional RPG’s like (Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights). Dragon Age is supposed to revive the spirit of the games I mentioned above, with a brand new fantasy universe and a new story. It looks like (from the trailers I’ve seen :P) the story it’s wrapped around the main character, character that you will create in an elaborate process like in Neverwinter Nights. I always liked to do that in Bioware’s games. I hope this time they will make more visual customization options available for your character. The first chapter is an Prelude actually, something like we have seen in The Witcher. The prelude’s role is to familiarize the player with the controls and your main character’s abilities. The world is ravaged by war, the good guys against a horde of monsters (Seems familiar?). Your character has to complete his origin story….I guess that’s the origin in the title. Doing that you become a Gray Warden and are enlisted by the king himself to help the good guys. The dialogue is similar to Neverwinter Nights, where you can choose between insults, jokes, intimidation or persuasion. The battles are intense and brutal….with more feeling in it than in KotOR. The option to pause the game at any time and give orders is back, I missed it in Mass Efect. The interface has similar elements with a certain MMORPG….I won’t say it’s name. They are varied schools of magic with AoE, DPS or DOT spells. You can even have more mages in your party to create spell combos chains. There will be the classic melee and ranged fighters, but I’m sure we’ll see some interesting classes like combinations of the well known ones, or who knows what surprises Bioware is preparing. The game will be released early next year and it could be the RPG that fans have been waiting for a long time.

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